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What if you could watch every Nail Guitar song lesson and not have to leave the page to access support material such as pdf song guides, backing tracks, tab

Did I mention it’s 100% free of Youtube ads?

Beyond just YouTube lessons with Patreon perks, Nail Guitar Enhanced Lessons provide a host of benefits to deepen your learning experience.
Enhanced Lessons allows you to...

Jam Any Time, Anywhere

Jam tracks allow you to practice your soloing any time, not when your mates can meet for a jam.

Develop Hired Gun Skills

Jam tracks with a wide variety of styles and all 12 keys means you’ll become that gun of a guitarists who can solo in any key!

Improve Your Timing

Playing with rock solid jam tracks develops your timing, your ear and your feel.

Modal Familiarity

Learn to recognise and jam over modal chord progression based on all 7 modes.

Build Speed

Improve your soloing faster choosing the tempo that suites you best, slow, mid or fast. Start slow and once your skills improve challenge yourself!
Aren't modes just nerdy jazzers?
Hellz no, modal chord progressions are happening right under your nose and you didn't even know it.

Just check out this list of classic songs that are built on modal chord progressions.
The Happy Mode
Let It Be, Wish You Were Here, Summer Of 69 and pretty much every song that sounds super happy.

Ionian is the modal name for the major scale, so you find it everywhere... Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, you name it.
The Spacey Mode
The Simpsons Theme, The E.T. Theme, Flying In A Blue Dream - Joe Satriani.
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Enhanced Lesson Advantages
✓ Stream On Any Device
Desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. This a great option for phone and tablet owners as the collection comes takes up a lot of hard drive space.
✓ Download
For those who prefer have the tracks on their computer you also have the option to download the package.
✓ User Friendly
On the Nail Guitar platform, it's easy to find the exact style, tempo and key with you want in just a few clicks.
✓ Keep Track Of Your Jams
No need to take notes, the system also allows you to keep track of what style and tempos you’ve already jammed on.
✓ All In One Place
Each Nail Guitar training product or tool you purchase is accessed via your single personal login so there’s no need to search through old emails for for download links when you get a new computer, tablet or phone.
✓ Highest Quality Audio
For those audiophiles out there, you’ll be please to know that each jam track is in the highest quality MP3 format, 320kbps.
Launch Bonuses
Ultimate Song Lessons Cheat Sheet
Choose your next song to learn, knowing it will be perfect for your skill level… no more just clicking and hoping.

The Ultimate Song Lessons Cheat Sheet is a comprehensive database of every Nail Guitar song lesson, with all the info a progressing guitarist need to make smart learning choices.

The cheat sheet includes...
✓ Song & Artist
The song title and who plays it, say no more :)
✓ The Focus Skill
With this you’ll see what skills you’ll improve form going through the lesson.
✓ Chords Used
A super valuable quick reference so you can see what chords are used in the song. This feature alone will help you make drastically smarter decisions when learning your next song.
✓ Capo Setting
Know if the song uses a capo and on what fret.
✓ The Power Chord Indicator
Know if a song uses power chords. You’ll love this feature when you just feel like learning some good old classic power chord rock’n’roll.
✓ The Bar Chord Indicator
Super handy as you begin challenging yourself.
✓ The Best For Beginners Indicator
If your still a newbie, this will be a life saver in your selection of songs to learn first.
✓ Quick Search
The cheat is easily searchable using the in built search functionality of your PC or Mac.
Lesson Songs Playlist
Embedded into the platform is the Nail Guitar Song Lessons Spotify playlist where you can listen to the original recordings of songs taught.

No more typing song titles into YouTube and and waiting through ads. Its all about easier learning.
Song Lessons Playlist
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