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Hi, I'm Andy Collins one of the highest viewed guitar instructors on YouTube.
Consumers have become numb to advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. They're deleting emails without opening them and are ready to press the 'skip ad' button on your Youtube ad before it even appears.

Consumers are reverting to the only suggestions they trust… the opinions of their family, friends, peers and celebrity figures they identify with.

Publishing over 700 tutorial videos over the last 13 years has allowed me to cultivate an audience who trust my advice and recognize me as an authority regarding what music gear to use and what tools and services can help them in their musical journey.
Nail Guitar now offers you the opportunity to align your brand with a leading influencer of beginner to intermediate guitarists.

Why Choose Nail Guitar Video Sponsorship?

High Exposure

With an average view count of 138,000 per video, Nail Guitar video sponsorship provides high levels of exposure.

Never Ending Campaign

Unlike traditional marketing methods, a sponsored Nail Guitar video continues to promote your brand and NEVER EXPIRES. The video will continue promoting your brand year after year.

Trust & Authority

An authority who is trusted by your target market praising your product and guiding them to take action is something traditional forms of marketing simply can't provide.

Emotional Connection

Learning new skills on the guitar is an exciting experience. Having your brand be part of that video creates a positive emotional connection, which in turn shapes buying attitudes.

Brand Perception

Becoming a Nail Guitar video sponsor shows your brand is actively involved in the guitarist community and not just another faceless corporate monster.

Early Adoption

Video sponsorship is still young, differentiate your brand from the competition by getting in early before your competitors catch on rates increase.

Fine Tuned Targeting

People love to learn songs from the years of their life when they established the own person taste and identity, their teens and early twenties. If your product or service is aimed at particular generation Nail Guitar will ensure the lesson you sponsor is targeted to your audience.

Target audience:

Learn songs from:

Age 50-65
1960's to 1970's
Age 40-50
Age 30-40
Age 20-30
Age 15-20
2010 to current
"Investment in sponsorship is on the rise, and has consistently outpaced growth in traditional advertising during the last decade." -

About Nail Guitar

Nail Guitar runs 2 successful YouTube channels. The main channel 'Nail Guitar - Song Lessons' features exclusively song lessons. The second channel 'Nail Guitar Skills' features a wide range of guitar skill tutorials as well as gear reviews.

Nail Guitar's first ever lesson video was uploaded in August 2009. Since a boom in 2011 Nail Guitar has seen steady growth in views and subscribers.

Main channel:
Nail Guitar - Song Lessons


Average Views
Per Video:


Viewership Growth

Subscriber Growth

Previous Clients

This Nail Guitar video song lesson has received 3,019,177 views!
Imagine having your brand being promoted in a video with that amount of exposure!

Song Lesson Sponsorship

Nail Guitar videos are strictly song lessons. I offer video sponsorships in the form of a 'this video bought to your by…' shout out at the start and end of a video.

The shout out includes what your your product/service is does, what makes it special, a link at the top of the video description and a verbal call to action to click the link and check out your product/service.
Nail Guitar song lesson sponsorships are available for $550USD.
Bonus #1
Social Media marketing Campaign
Included with every Nail Guitar song lesson sponsorship is a bonus social media marketing campaign to an audience of 43,000+ social media followers.

Value $250
  • Facebook post linking to review video
  • Twitter post linking to review video
  • Instagram post promoting review video
  • Pinterest post linking to review video
  • Blog Post featuring review video
  • Facebook post promoting your brand
  • Twitter post promoting your brand
Bonus #2
Email Marketing Campaign
The Nail Guitar email list is made up of 35,000 subscribers. These VIP members are my most devoted fans.

This free bonus offer is exclusively for video sponsors as I do not offer mail outs to my list independently.

Value $850
Click to view sponsorship video examples.

Song Lesson Sponsorship Rates

Sponsor multiple videos to save between 10-25%.



Total Discount

Discount per video

Discount per video %

Video Sponsorship x 1
Video Sponsorship x 2
Video Sponsorship x 3
Video Sponsorship x 4
Video Sponsorship x 5
Video Sponsorship x 6
Video Sponsorship x 7
Video Sponsorship x 8
Note: Lock in a package now, rates will be rising when Nail Guitar reaches 250,000 subscribers.

All prices quoted are USD.




Second channel:
Nail Guitar Skills (NGS)

On Nail Guitar Skills (71,000 Subscribers) I teach the skills of playing guitar and include reviews of a variety of music related products and services.

A review of your product or service will be contextualised for my audience. The review will highlight its key benefits and features and focusing on my favourite aspects. It would include my honest opinions of anything I feel could be improved to maintain credibility.

A link of your choice will be placed at the top of the video description on Youtube.
Nail Guitar Skills reviews are available for $450.
(Purchase a song lesson sponsorship + review to receive a $100 discount off the total cost.)

Nail Guitar Skills Review

Included with every Nail Guitar Skills Review is a bonus social media marketing campaign to an audience of 43,000+ social media followers.

Value $250

Social Media Marketing Campaign:
  • Facebook post linking to review video
  • Twitter post linking to review video
  • Instagram post promoting review video
  • Pinterest post linking to review video
  • Blog Post featuring review video
  • Facebook post promoting your brand
  • Twitter post promoting your brand
Footage Repurposing Rights
When you purchase a sponsorship you are granted the rights to repurpose the footage for promotional purposes.

This includes social media posts, ads and at live events.


"The perfect audience to demo our product..."
"Working with Andy on our first promo was awesome!

He had the perfect audience to demo our product which was a great start, but he went above and beyond to understand what we were trying to do and used the serve extensively in order to be able to give a thoughtful and accurate review.

We were able to reach thousands of people thanks to Andy and Nail Guitar, and can't wait to work with him again when we launch our rebrand,"
"We are more than pleased with the result..."
"Andy was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were drawn to Andy's ever-cheerful, charismatic and professional onscreen persona, traits I can now say are 100% genuine after having worked with him on our project.

Our assignment to Andy was quite a tough ask but got his head down straight away, after ensuring we were all on the same page, and knocked it out of the park in little to no time at all.

We are more than pleased with the result and can't wait to work with him again in the future!"
" glad he approached us, a great win/win."
"Andy did a fantastic job helping promote our brand featuring our clothing in a number of his videos. He was easy to work with and Im so glad he approached us, a great win/win.

We look forward to a followup promotion and highly recommend working with him."
"...exceeded our expectations."
"Andy has been a joy to work with. Punctual with the agreed deadline and went that extra mile producing a sponsorship campaign for Positive Grid that exceeded our expectations :)"
" working with Andy has been a great investment."
"Working with Andy is a real pleasure.

As a startup, it's important for me to invest our modest budget wisely and working with Andy has been a great investment.

There's no doubt in my mind that we will work with him in the future.”
Paul Holcomb
Move beyond just marketing to your audience and engage the power of a leading influencer of your target market.

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